PowerPoint Questions Download

These questions can be used to play the PowerPoint games or you can provide your own. (Question sets require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print)

Old and New Testament Questions (Approximately 50 questions per set)
Old Testament Questions Only (Approximately 40 questions per set)
New Testament Questions Only (Approximately 40 questions per set)
Questions (Set 1)
Questions (Set 1)
Questions (Set 1)
Questions (Set 2)
Questions (Set 2)
Questions (Set 2)
Questions (Set 3)
Questions (Set 3)
Questions (Set 3)
Questions (Set 4)
Questions (Set 5)

PowerPoint Game Download
To use these files you must have PowerPoint on your computer or download the free PowerPoint viewer. Click here to download the viewer

To download a PowerPoint game click on the link and select the location to save file. Game files are in a .zip format. To extract the game files right mouse click on the downloaded zip file and then select Extract All.

Racing Games
Hollywood Squares Games
Treasure Seekers

In these racing games you can have up to 5 teams. If the team answers a question correctly click on the corresponding buttons on the bottom and the horse will move 1 space. The first team to answer 10 questions correctly wins. Shorter games can be played by clicking twice for each correct answer.

Download Racing Game Horses

Download Racing Game Boats

Download Racing Game Cars

Choose a "celebrity" and answer a question. If you answer correctly your team will get an X or an O. Just like Tic Tac Toe if your team gets three in a row you win.

Download Hillbilly Squares

Download Christmas Squares

Ask the first team a question if they get it right then the team or individual gets to choose a square on the grid. Click on their selection from the small yellow boxes at the bottom. That box will appear on the grid and it will show if they found the treasure or not. Continue until someone finds the square with the treasure.

Download Treasure Seekers Game

Using two teams ask a question. If the team answers the question correctly they can attempt to match two of the pictures. The team the matches the most pictures wins. Game can be reset and played over and over.

Download Concentration Game